Bernatche School of Dance Combo: Birch, Walnut and Hickory Jazz

Class Dress Code

  • Bloch Pulse Jazz Shoes in Tan
  • Leotard (any color and style)
  • Tights (any color and style)
  • Hair Secured Back and out of face
  • Dedicated dance bag
  • Water bottle
  • Many leotards (child and adult sizes) are available in our shop and on our online store. Below are just a few suggestions. We have leotards for every budget and personality.
Bloch Pulse Leather Jazz Shoe - S0470G/L Regular price $43
Mondor Ultra-Soft Convertible Tights - 319 Regular price $14 +
Mondor Ultra-Soft Footed Tights - 316 Regular price $14 +
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