Clearance - Final Sale

Our BIG Summer Sale begins Monday, July 27 at 10am EST. 

In-person appointments can be made to shop the sale or you can shop online. All clearance items are final sale, so choose your treasures carefully! 

Make in-person appointments here.

Appointments to shop the sale in-person are available from July 27 through August 8. You can shop the BIG Summer Sale online from July 27, 10am through August 9 or however long it takes this small business (made smaller by Covid-19) to vault up all the sale listings again :)

To make dancewear treasure hunting even easier, we'll add some more collections here to help you narrow your search..... seriously, we are up to 300+ items that are coming out of the clearance vault now.... 

Click on the links below to fine tune your treasure hunt by category:

$6 and Under Table

Adult Leotards

Girls Leotards

Kids Size Warm-up Booties

Ballet Slippers, Character Shoes, Lyrical Shoes and other dance shoes


Adult Warm-ups

Girls Warm-ups

Adult Skirts

Girls Skirts

Adult Leggings

Girls Leggings

Adult Shorts

Girls Shorts

Adult Bra and Crop Tops

Girls Bra and Crop Tops




    Wear Moi Knit Skirt/Shorts Combo - Tiara Sale price $16
    Wear Moi Knit tights/Skirt combo Sale price $6
    Wear Moi Layerd Mesh Tank Leotard - Kyara Sale price $6
    Wear Moi Mabel Cotton Leotard Sale price $6
    Wear Moi Patchwork Legwarmers - Idra Sale price $20
    Wear Moi Patterned Mesh Leggings - Avery Sale price $20
    Wear Moi Savanah Anthracite Legwarmers - Adult Sale price $20
    Wear Moi Tank with Keyhole Back - Demoiselle Sale price $39
    Wear Moi Teora Knit Top - Anthracite Sale price $20
    Wear Moi Tuxedo Halter Leotard - LC142 Sale price $20
    Wear Moi Wave Bag Sale price $49