Momentum Dance Studios: Pointe (by teacher recommendation)

Class requirements:

* We have hundreds of leotard and skirt options regularly in stock. Click on the link above to see the current styles. 

++ We recommend waiting to purchase pointe shoes and fitting/comfort aids until your pointe shoe appointment. We'll just show you here that we have a lot of options. 

Suffolk Satin Ribbon Set Regular price $4
Mondor Ultra-Soft Convertible Tights - 319 Regular price $14 +
Russian Pointe Pointe Shoe Thread Regular price $4
Pillows for Pointes - Stretch Ribbon Regular price $5
Bloch Stretch Satin Ribbon - A0528 Regular price $6
Bloch Spray Rosin - A0302 Regular price $20
Bloch Stich Kit w/Stretch Ribbon - A0527 Regular price $13
Gaynor Minden Roller Kit Regular price $56
Russian Pointe Sewing Kit Regular price $13
Pillows for Pointe - Moleskin Regular price $4
Bloch Stretch Ribbon - A0526 Regular price $6
Bloch Foot Roller - 90226 Regular price $9