Thinx Period-Proof Boyshort Underwear
Thinx Period-Proof Boyshort Underwear

Thinx Period-Proof Boyshort Underwear

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Ever wear boxer briefs to get comfy on your period? We can do you one better: the Boyshort has THINX protection without sacrificing le classique elastic waistband and crotchline details.

Heavy Days: Holds up to 2 regular tampons' worth.

About Thinx: Our washable, reusable undies absorb your period and are a more sustainable solution than single-use disposable products. Depending on your flow (light, medium, heavy), Thinx can replace pads, tampons, liners, and cups, or be worn with tampons and cups for extra protection. Like regular underwear, but so much better.

Sizing recommendations:

  • XXS: Jean size 00
  • XS: Jean size 0
  • S: Jean size 2-4
  • M: Jean size 6-8
  • L: Jean size 10-12
  • XL: Jean size 14-16
  • XXL: Jean size 18-20
  • 3XL: Jean size 22-24