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Elektra Tech Joy II Pointe Shoes - P324

Elektra Tech Joy II Pointe Shoes - P324

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About Joy II: Designed for the dancer with a Greek or Egyptian foot, Joy II is wider through the metatarsals and tapered through the toes. The ample platform provides stability en pointe while the shank-housing and box construction allow for a beautiful roll-through. Soft wings provide support through the metatarsals and create a beautifully smooth look through the toes. Joy II offers full coverage for those dancers needing a higher vamp. 

  • Although you are an artist, you too are an athlete that requires your body to do extraordinary things. Why put undo stress on the one thing you rely on most, your feet!
  • After 200 years of tradition, Só Dança has married the aesthetics of the past with engineering of the future. By giving you choice, you will be able to create the PURE FIT and feel the difference.

Interchangeable shanks allow you to control the support for each foot.  From barre to center and Giselle to Paquita, it has you.


Because the box and shank housing are made of a durable (yet flexible) material, you can expect the shape and feel to last 2.5 times* longer! Your shoes will feel perfect for a prolonged period!


No break-in required!  This takes stress off of your body by being immediately able to roll through demi-pointe and relieving pressure from your Achilles.

To learn more about Elektra, click here.

Advisory: We recommend a fitting appointment for all pointe shoe purchases. In situations where we cannot meet in person, virtual fittings and consults are possible.

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