Pointe Shoe Sewing Lesson and Supplies

Pointe Shoe Sewing Lesson and Supplies

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Forced downtime is a great time to learn new life skills and new dance skills!

If you are a dancer that is planning to get pointe shoes in the future or a pointe dancer that hasn't sewn her own shoes yet.... we are happy to help you learn how to sew your own shoes and feel confident doing it!

You will get:

  • a real pointe shoe to practice sewing on
  • a sewing kit that includes, needle, thread, seam ripper, pins and storage tin
  • ribbon and elastic for your practice shoe
  • free shipping to anywhere in the USA (free shipping through April)
  • a 40-minute video call, where we will sew your pointe shoe together, step by step.
  • For your lesson, you will need to provide electronic device/wifi for online lesson, scissors and matches.