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Dancewear Kalamazoo

Things to not buy for dance class

Things to not buy for dance class

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Check your studio's dress code requirements. They may look tempting, inexpensive, close to what your instructor wants dancers to wear.... but don't do it.

We can help you get the right equipment that will make instructors happy, be safe and will probably save you money in the long run because of high-quality brands will last.

Ballerina Tights: Create the look of tan lines gone wrong with these tights. There is just nothing correct about these tights. Please don't wear them to dance class. 

Pointe Shoes?: Yikes! Apparently, you can get pointe shoes for $6.99. Please don't. These shoes are so bad for this poor dancer's feet, from the fit to the support. Please see a professional for your pointe shoes. And the pepto-pink!!!!! 

Ballet SLIPPERS: It's easy to get confused on proper attire requirements when you are new to dance. Shop with your local dance retailer to make sure you get the real gear. 


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