Travel Visa for your Passport Days $20 Leotard

Travel Visa for your Passport Days $20 Leotard

Regular price $20.00

 Purchase your $20 access to any leotard of your choice!

  • If you have earned 6 or more stamps during our Passport Days event, pay $20 here and we will send you a personalized promo code to get any leotard we have in stock for no extra cost! (unless you want us to ship it).
  • Just one $20 leotard per passport holder.

Once you have your access code, you can begin shopping.

For online purchases (currently available for shipping or curbside pick-up):

  • You can purchase as many leotards as you want to try on at home (you can add on other non-leotard items, too.)
  • Set up a curbside appointment to pick up your purchase
  • Try on your leotards at home.
  • Set up a curbside appointment to return the items that didn't work
  • Return whichever items don't work and we will refund your returned items. We will apply your free leotard to the most expensive leotard that you decide to keep.
  • Returns due within 14 days.
  • Repeat until you have found the perfect Passport Days leotard!

For in-store appointments:

  • Once we have permission to open our shop to in-person shopping, you can set up an appointment for you to try on the leotards in the shop.

  • Pre-appointment: You may want to wear your nude dance undergarments when you arrive. We don't know yet if we will be permitted to use fitting rooms.

  • Pre-appointment: Please do some pre-shopping online and let us know the styles and size you would like to start with. We will have them ready for you.

  • Pick out your favorite leotard to take home as your Passport Days leotard!

All Passport Days leotards must be selected by two weeks after the beginning of in-store appointments or June 15, whichever is later.