Bloch Friday Sale - November 20-25

Get a head start on your holiday shopping or stock up on your dance essentials. Save 20% on all Bloch and Mirella items in the shop! Leotards, apparel, shoes, tights and accessories! Save an additional 20% off Bloch and Mirella clearance items!

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  • In-store purchases over $50 will receive a free gift, while supplies last.

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  • Bloch and Mirella new direct-to-sale and clearance items will go live at noon on November 20.

  • Online sale items may become unavailable if in-person shopping is fulfilled before we can pull items from the sales floor. Any online items that cannot be fulfilled will be refunded.

  • Online sale continues to midnight, November 25.

Wow, there are a lot of things on sale. If you want to search by category, use the links below.

Leotards - Adult

Leotards - Girls


Shorts - Adult

Shorts - Child

Leggings - Adult

Leggings - Child




Pointe Shoes and Accessories

Warm-up Booties

Men & Boys

Bra and Crop Tops - Adult

Bra and Crop Tops - Girls

Warm-ups - Adult

Warm-ups - Child


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