Summer Intensive Packing List Tips & Special Deal!

Summer dance intensives are an exciting part of a dancer’s growth and development. You meet lots of other students that share your love of dance, you work with master teachers and you learn to become a bit more independent. It’s a great experience!

Going into the program with the right tools and supplies can alleviate some of the nerves that have a natural tendency to intermingle with your excitement.

In addition to any required program items, here is our suggested packing list (yes, you may need a large suitcase!):

  • Leotards: At least one per day. Check with your program to see if certain colors or styles are required. Bring your favorites that make you feel confident!
  • Tights: Lots! You will enjoy the feeling of a fresh pair mid-way through the day. Do not wear any tights with holes, stains, etc.
  • Wrap Skirt (check your program to see if there are required colors) and/or rehearsal skirt
  • Pointe Shoes: Plan on several pairs. They will wear out quicker in the summer humidity. Be sure to rotate them to let them rest and re-harden between wearings.
  • See our complete list of Summer Intensive Packing Tips at:

Special Deal for Dancers participating in a Summer Intensive or Summer Dance Program:

Stock up for summer and get a great deal on all regularly priced items. Here's how:

1. Put your dance needs/wants on your online Wishlist.  (Each product page will offer you the chance to add the item to your wishlist.)
2. Print and bring in your Wishlist AND summer program registration.
3. Purchase 3 or more items from your Wishlist and get 15% off the regular price on anything you purchase from your wishlist during your visit. Offer good until June 30, 2019. 
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Note: Online shoppers can send us an email with screenshots of their wishlist and summer registration. We will refund 15% off item pricing before we ship your package!
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