Summer Intensive Packing List Tips

Summer dance intensives are an exciting part of a dancer’s growth and development. You meet lots of other students that share your love of dance, you work with master teachers and you learn to become a bit more independent. It’s a great experience!

Going into the program with the right tools and supplies can alleviate some of the nerves that have a natural tendency to intermingle with your excitement.

In addition to any required program items, here is our suggested packing list (yes, you may need a large suitcase!):

  • Leotards: At least one per day. Check with your program to see if certain colors or styles are required. Bring your favorites that make you feel confident!
  • Tights: Lots! You will enjoy the feeling of a fresh pair mid-way through the day. Do not wear any tights with holes, stains, etc.
  • Wrap Skirt (check your program to see if there are required colors) and/or rehearsal skirt
  • Pointe Shoes: Plan on several pairs. They will wear out quicker in the summer humidity. Be sure to rotate them to let them rest and re-harden between wearings.
  • See our complete list of Summer Intensive Packing Tips at:
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