Pointe Perks Reward Program

Welcome to Pointe Perks! Our new rewards program is ready for you to start earning pointes. Redeem your pointes for the perks that you choose or keep saving pointes for larger perks.

How it works

  1. Sign up for an account on our online store. Use your email to sign up for an account. If your email is already in our system from previous purchases, you may need to reset your password to claim your account. Get started by clicking on the Pointe Perks icon on the lower right of our e-commerce site.
  2. Start earning Pointes! Earn Pointes for in-store and online purchases.
  3. Earn extra Pointes! Extra opportunities for earning Pointes for Likes, Follows and Shares.
  4. Choose your own reward! Redeem your Pointes for free shipping, free tights or keep saving your Pointes for bigger rewards!

 *In order to encourage customers to use one account and discourage abuse of this program:

  • Refunds for earlier purchases returned after a $50 coupon is used, will receive a refund of the returned purchase amount, less $50. 
  • Customers creating more than one account may have their orders cancelled if they are using multiple accounts for fake referrals or multiple signup point bonuses. 
  • We want to be able to continue to offer our reward program to all of our customers, so we are very strict on misuse of this program.