Recital Gifts

Did you know it is customary to bring a gift to a dancer's performance if you are a close friend, relative or big dancer fan? A card, flowers, a special meal or small gift to commemorate how hard the dancer has worked are all appropriate gifts.

If you would like to commemorate your dancer's performance with a gift, our Recital Gift Collection is a good place to start. Or, contact us to help you put together a unique gift for your dancer.

Dancewear Kalamazoo Skateboard Ballerina Sticker Regular price $3
Dancewear Kalamazoo Tutu Crossbones Logo Sticker Regular price $3
Ballet Holographic Logo Stickers Regular price $3
Mini Flower Hair Clips Regular price $5
Ballet Rosa Barre Guard Sale price $6
Scar and Co. Link Storage Case Regular price $6
So Danca Pointe Shoe Key Chain Regular price $7
Pop Cutie Gacha Necklaces Regular price $7.99
Crystal Earrings Regular price $9
Bloch Mini Pointe Shoe Key Ring Regular price $9
Pop Cutie Hair Clips Regular price $9
Hair Coil Set Regular price $9.99