Passport Days: Chicago

On March 4, we visit Chicago. Not today's Chicago, but Chicago in the jazz age of the 1920's. We are featuring products reminiscent of Chicago, the musical. 

  • Get the Chicago vibe and enjoy a flash sale on anything made with a bit (or a lot) of black mesh. 
  • Save on Character shoes
  • Save on skincare items made in Chicago.
  • Save on our premium fishnet tights.
  • Passport holders coming in for a passport stamp will get something for your lips, made in Chicago (the present day version :)).

Online purchases can save 20% on our Chicago Collection by using promo code: CHICAGO.

Motionwear Girls Mesh Cap Sleeve Leotard - 2742 Regular price $29
Mondor Caberet Fishnet Tights - 324 Regular price $30
Lulli Dancewear High Neck Tank Leotard - LUF528 Regular price $55
Lulli Dancewear Mesh Back Leotard - LUF564 Regular price $60
Bloch Zip Front Tank Leotard - CL4885 Regular price $31
Bloch Mesh Panel 7/8 Legging - FP5114C Regular price $36
Bloch Open Back Crop Top - Z3565 Regular price $31
Bloch X-Back Tank Crop Top - Z3545 Regular price $29
Bloch Cap Sleeve Crop Top - Z3532 Regular price $33
Bloch Racerback Crop Top - FT5116C Regular price $27
Bloch Mesh Pull-on Skirt - CR4801 Regular price $20
Bloch Mesh Wrap Skirt - R9911 Regular price $29