Ballet Kalamazoo: Level Three Ballet Class Uniform

Class requirements:

  • Motionwear camisole leotard (#2515) in Navy. Other leotard styles are available in this color by special order.
  • Pink footed or convertible tights
  • Leather or canvas, split-sole ballet slippers with no drawstring
  • Pointe shoes with instructor permission (please make an appointment for your pointe shoe fitting)
  • Additional optional items shown that may be worn during barre work and helpful accessories.
Motionwear Girls Camisole Leotard - 2515 Regular price $33
Motionwear Adult Camisole Leotard - 2515 Regular price $37 +
Mondor Ultra-Soft Convertible Tights - 319 Regular price $14 +
Mondor Ultra-Soft Footed Tights - 316 Regular price $14 +
So Danca Brit Leather Split Sole Ballet Slipper - SD60L Regular price $26
So Danca Bliss Canvas Ballet Slipper - SD16 Regular price $24
Motionwear Silkskyn Scrunchies - 1004 Regular price $5.50
Ballet Rosa Lace and Mesh High Neck Leotard - Berenice Regular price $65
Bloch Hair Kit - A0801 Regular price $11
Freshify Refreshing Spritz Regular price $13.95
Rareform Clarke Clutch - Assorted one-of-a-kind colors Regular price $28
Gaynor Minden Studio Bag Regular price $63