Non-Medical Cloth Face Coverings

Dancewear manufacturers know how to make apparel that fits perfectly, so it's no surprise that several of our brands switched gears to help keep humans safe during a crisis. 

We are pleased to offer a selection of non-medical cloth face masks in adult and child sizes.

  • Some of the face masks are available in stock for you to select your preferred size and color. 
  • Other options are available for drop shipping directly from the manufacturer, with choice on size but less choice on color.
  • Please read each item description for full details.
  • Our suppliers are well stocked and continuing to make masks. If you need more masks than what we have in stock, please email us for assistance.
  • We look forward to future days when we won't need to stock this item and we can focus on the product lines we are truly passionate about. Until then, these are good quality items we can offer our customers and they help keep the lights on.
Eurotard Non-Medical Reusable Face Mask/Covering - M1901 Regular price $7 +
Suffolk Non-Medical Face Mask with Filter Pocket Regular price $8
Eurotard 3-Ply Nonwoven Polypropylene Face Mask, PPE - M1904 Regular price $5.50
Eurotard Non-Medical 3-Ply Antimicrobial Face Mask, PPE - M1903 Regular price $6.30
Handmade Non-Medical Cloth Reversible Face Masks - Michigan Sports Regular price $15
Handmade Non-Medical Cotton Face Masks - Michigan Spirit Regular price $18
Handmade Non-Medical Cotton Face Masks Regular price $15
Ballet Rosa Reusable Protective Mask Regular price $9.99
Ballet Rosa Barre Guard Regular price $33