Passport Days: Stockholm and all cold weather destinations

Whether you are traveling to a cold weather climate or just heading into a studio with the AC cranking, studio warm-ups are essential to keep muscles warm. 

On March 5, visit us online or in the shop and save 20% on warm-ups. Legwarmers, cozy footwear, tops, shorts and sweaters. 

Use promo code: STAYCOZY when shopping on line to save 20%.

Bloch Metallic Warm-up Booties - IM009MT Regular price $55
Bloch Kids and Adult Print Warm-Up Booties - IM009P Regular price $45 +
Bullet Pointe Reversible Shorts - Assorted Colors Sale price $25
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Bloch Kids Limited Edition Warm-up Booties - IM009KP Regular price $37
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Motionwear Heart Wrap Jacket - 3109 Sale price $15
KD Dance New York - Girls Cozy Wrap Sweater Regular price $31