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Beginning Ballet Kit

Beginning Ballet Kit

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Ballet Kit

Dear Busy Dance Parents:

Truth: You can drive all over town and spend hours researching online options to get the absolute lowest prices on all your dance necessities.

Truth: You can find all your beginning dance items here, in one place.

  • Your dance instructors will appreciate a real leather ballet slipper that will form to your child's foot.
  • You will love our super tough dance tights.
  • Your child's leotard will fit and stretch in all the right places, and not have scratchy or loose bits after one wash.
  • You will know everything fits the way it is supposed to fit before you leave the shop.
  • One stop and you are done.
  • Buy the whole kit here and you get a nice discount, too.
  • Beginning Ballet Kit includes:
    • Cap-sleeve leotard in pink, black, light blue or light yellow.
    • Best-quality pink leather ballet slippers with full soles.
    • A pair of the most durable pink dance tights on the market. Switch to Convertible Tights for a few more dollars.
    • Full details of the eligible items are available in our shop.
  • Stop in or schedule an appointment for your customized fitting.
  • Offer available only for children's sizes.
  • For online purchases: please let us know clothing size, shoe size and color preferences. Leotard color options: pink, black, light blue or yellow
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