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Pretty Girl Cosmetics

ColorOn Crystal Clear Lip Gloss

ColorOn Crystal Clear Lip Gloss

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Our Waterproof Lip Paint promises a fresh look all day, remaining flawless with no alcohol, smearing, smudging, or flaking. This specially formulated Lip Paint is for young makeup enthusiasts to feel pretty without worry that their sensitive lips may burn from harsh alcohol or ingredients.


This is not your average lipstick! Pretty Girl by ColorOn Beauty manufactures cosmetics for athletes and performers who need a no-fuss solution to long-lasting makeup applications. 

  1. Exfoliate lips by rubbing with a washcloth to remove all dry skin. Lip Paint will stain dry skin darker and give an uneven color application.
  2. Apply the lip paint on your upper lip first. Start from the center of the lip and work your way out towards the corner contouring your lip line. Do this on both sides and then the bottom lip.
  3. Make sure to apply the lip paint in even layers and it is best to go in one direction only, not back and forth. Be careful not to go beyond your lip line or you will have lip paint outside your lip line.
  4. Let the color set and apply thin coats of lip paint until you reach the desired intensity. Let thoroughly dry. Pat lips with clean dry Kleenex.

PRO TIP: Apply our Crystal-Clear Topcoat Lip Gloss after Lip Paint application!


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