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Convertible Tights - 0052N

Convertible Tights - 0052N

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Made in Italy with highest quality threads and elastane.

  • Microfiber convertible tights. Comfortable generous opening under the arch.
  • Microfiber Knit-in waistband.
  • Material: 90% polyamide (microfiber), 10% lycra
«Child tights» - sizes: 0, 00, 000
«Adult tights» - sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4

Nikolay® tights highlight the exquisite lines of dancers’ legs and demonstrate the work of their muscles.
They are produced from materials of superior quality and tailored to your needs:
  • unparalleled stretching features guaranteed by extremely flexible fabrics, threads and seams
  • resistant to abrasion, rip and tear, Nikolay® tights will stay with you for a record-long time
  • our tights maintain their shape and impeccable look throughout endless hours of training and rehearsals.
  • do not roll or slide thanks to strong waistband.

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