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Instant Eye Shadow Kits

Instant Eye Shadow Kits

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Finally, an Instant Eye Makeup to create perfect smokey eye makeup in seconds! Great for Cheerleaders and Dancers. 

Description – Black Eye Shadow on the bottom and White Eye Shadow on top, top off with Silver Glitter or Diamond Cloud Shimmer for added Sparkle.

ColorOn Instant Eye Shadows are made from pure mineral makeup, and are hypo-allergenic sweat proof, smudge proof and water resistant!

Not only would these be easy for everyday, but they are perfect for Halloween or performance teams! No more makeup malfunctions, they provide a consistent look for every team member! Perfect for the children who hate having their makeup done.


To apply remove the plastic cover and place the applique onto the eyelid.

While holding in place, press and rub the back of the sticker smoothing it over your entire lid.

After it’s applied you peel it off slowly from your eyelid.  Using your finger blend top white color and then blend the bottom black color with another finger as to NOT blending the two colors together.  Blending the colors separately will create a gradual color variation from top to bottom.

Prior to setting the eye shadow, tap sparkle shimmer or glitter over the cream makeup to add some sparkle.

Using the brush tap Setting Powder onto the design. Lightly tap setting powder into the cream eye shadow to set the eye shadow to a dry finish.

Use oil based eye makeup remover or soap and water to remove the makeup.

Each ColorOn Kit Contains

  • Press On Eye Shadows – 5 applique sets
  • 1 Setting Powder
  • 1 Makeup Brush


ADULT SIZE: 1.75″ wide x 0.75″ height
CHILD SIZE: 1.50″  wide x 0.50″ height


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