Nourishing Base Coat by Northern Nail Polish

Nourishing Base Coat by Northern Nail Polish

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Handmade nail polish that pulls inspiration from the everyday beauty of Michigan's towns, nature, festivals and people. Proudly made in Traverse City, Michigan
since 2013.

This nail treatment can revive your nails back to health in just 3 weeks. It offers deep nutrition and quenches the nail back to being strong, silky smooth and protected. You can apply it twice a week to revive your nails, or simply apply it as a base coat under the nail polish color. Dries translucent/clear.

  • 15mL/.5oz bottle size
  • 10-Toxin-Free
  • Pregnancy and Child Safe
  • Natural, Vegan Ingredients
  • Cruelty-Free Formula
  • Chip-resistant & Long Lasting
  • Non-staining, Easily Removed

**We are not permitted to ship nail polish internationally, by post office restrictions.**