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Raelynn Long Sleeve Leotard - DA4027MPN

Raelynn Long Sleeve Leotard - DA4027MPN

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Here is a heavenly long sleeve leotard with a high neck and our incredible invisible zipper down the front to the waistline seam. Other features on this flocked garment are our adjustable hip option along with a domedshaped keyhole on the back.

These products are crafted through an innovative process that amalgamates two distinct material components - a robust base and a textured pile - into a single, exceptional fabric.

It is imperative for users to acquaint themselves with the specific design technology utilized in the application of this effect to fully leverage the product’s capabilities. To enhance the aesthetic appeal and optimize the performance attributes of the fabric, we strongly advise an initial manual washing prior to usage.

The purpose of this preliminary wash is to activate the pile, ensuring it settles uniformly against the foundational layer, thereby not only enhancing the fabric’s visual allure but also stabilizing its structural integrity. Additionally, this initial wash plays a critical role in mitigating the transfer of any lint particles to the lining in subsequent uses.
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