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Totally Tubular Salt Bath Soaks

Totally Tubular Salt Bath Soaks

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Totally Tubular Dude.

Our Totally Tubular Salt Soaks are the perfect blend of soothing and skin benefiting salts. Formulated with an infused blend of 21 minerals, pure dead sea salt, pure essential oils and hydrating coconut oil you will be relaxed and ready for whatever life brings you.

  • Perfect for recovery, skin, and relaxation dude. 3 oz.  each
  • Pack of 4 Scent Choices: Lavender- Relaxation/Soothe Eucalyptus- Soothe/Joint & Muscles/Immunity Lemongrass- Stress/Detox Orange- Revive/Mood Lifting Mix Pack- Includes 1 of Each Scent (4 total)
  • Instructions: Pour into bath and soak for 15-30 minutes to experience full benefits.

Made in United States of America

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